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  • Nelson Mandela Heavyweight Boxer

    I did not enjoy the violence of boxing so much as the science of it. I was intrigued by how one moved one’s body to protect oneself, how one used a strategy both to attack and retreat, how one paced oneself over a match. Boxing is egalitarian. In the ring, rank, age, color, and wealth…

  • Lane Meyer is a Rad Dude

  • This Little Dude is Too Smooth

  • Dude Logic

    55 year old skater Neal Unger just wrote a book on life… and of course it’s super rad. You can get the ebook on Amazon for the rad price of $2.99  

  • Sunglasses Are Rad

    Remember when we featured Sunglasses back in May 2010? We were all into them and they seemed to just disappear. Well, they finally put out an album –3 years later– and it’s good … very trippy. Here is the video for the song Swim. And here you can listen to the full album, Wildlife.  …